Backcountry Tactical advocates firearm users maintain the highest safety standards in the use and handling of firearms.

Some Important Gun Safety Rules:

  • Handle all firearms as if they were loaded!
    Never forget that a gun has the potential to produce serious injury or death in a single instant of carelessness. Make safe gun handling a habit to be followed at all times. After you determine that a gun is unloaded, continue to handle it as though it were loaded.
  • Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction!
  • In selecting a safe direction, you must also take into consideration that a bullet can ricochet or glance off any object it strikes, and that bullets can penetrate walls, ceilings, floors and windows.
  • Keep your finger out of a gun’s trigger guard and off the trigger until you selected your target, know what and where you are shooting at, and have made the decision to fire! .
  • Always be certain that your target and the surrounding area are safe before firing!

For additional information on firearms safety, please visit any of the sites listed below: