Shipping and Orders


  • Firearms, Receivers, and all BATFE regulated items must ship your FFL.
  • Ship to addresses must not be a P.O. Box
  • Your order may be split into more than one shipment at our discretion to keep your shipping costs down or due to Federal Requirements. No extra cost is incurred if the order is split into multiple shipments


A flat rate shipping cost is charged based upon the Dollar Total of your Order, excluding Taxes and Shipping. We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible and ship items directly to you from our Distributors or the Manufacturer. Note that some items must ship from our store due to Legal and/or Manufacturer Requirements; the Order Invoice will indicate “Ships from Our Store” on these items. If your order contains items that ship from our store AND items that do not ship from our store, the order is separated into 2 Shipments/Orders and both the below Shipping Cost Rules applied separately. The Total Shipping Cost is clearly indicated in your Cart and during the Checkout Process.

For items in the order that ship directly from one of our Distributors or the Manufacturer, if the total cost of the item(s) is:

  • under $100, a flat rate $12.95 shipping cost is incurred.
  • $100 or greater, shipping is free.

For items in the order that ship directly from our store, if the total cost of the item(s) is:

  • under or equal to $500, a flat rate $30 shipping cost is incurred
  • between $500 and $1,000, a flat rate $15 shipping cost is incurred
  • $1000 or greater, shipping is free.


  • Orders are typically processed from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Mountain Time, Sunday through Friday.
  • Orders that do not contain any FFL items will ship the next business day after the order was processed, at which point you will receive a tracking number (if available). Transit time for delivery of non FFL orders is typically 2-5 business days after shipment.
  • Orders that are required to be shipped to your FFL Dealer will ship 1 to 2 business days AFTER we receive a copy of your Dealers FFL. Total Transit time for delivery of FFL orders is typically 1 to 4 business days or 4 to 7 business days, depending on if the item is in stock at our store. You will receive a tracking number when the shipment is enroute to your FFL Dealer.
  • In the cases that an item becomes unavailable or the items price changes between the time you place your order and we process your order, we reserve the right to cancel your order. However, before cancelling your order, we may first attempt to contact you with more information and potential options before cancelling your order.
  • Order Processing Times, Times to Shipment, and Transit Times are an estimate and are not to be construed as a guarantee.


We are always pleased to attempt to cancel an order for you if possible. See the bullets below regarding cancellation requests.

  • Orders can only be cancelled if we receive notification from you to cancel the order before we have submitted the Order to our Distibutor(s).
  • Orders Cannot be cancelled after the Order has been submitted by us to our Distibutor(s).
  • If paying by Credit Card, the time frame to cancel an order may be a matter of minutes between your order placement and our fulfillment of your order (e.g. if you place your Order during the time we are processing our online orders).
  • Though we will do our best to attempt to cancel an order per your request, if the order has not yet been submitted to our distributor(s), UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE WE LIABLE FOR ORDERS THAT WERE NOT CANCELLED FOR ANY REASON, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, US BEING UNAWARE OF THE CANCELLATION REQUEST.


All Sales are Final. NO RETURNS. The only returns permitted are if an incorrect item was shipped, as solely determined by the Manufacturer Part Number.

This page is an excerpt from our Terms of Service Agreement page and is provided for informational purposes only. See our Terms of Service page for further details on our Shipping Terms agreement here. For the complete Return Terms, see our "Returns", “Damaged or Lost Shipments”, and “Risk of Loss” Sections available here .