• 1) Make Sure it is Legal for you to Own the Item in your City/County/State
  • 2) Arrange to Transfer the Firearm to your Local FFL Dealer
  • 3) Choose your Firearm(s) and complete your purchase
  • 4) Monitor your email for Processing & Tracking information
  • 5) Complete the Transfer and Pick up your firearm

Note that we only sell into 30+ States. See our States We Service link for details BEFORE you request an order.

Ensure You Can Purchase This Item

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you can legally own the item you ordered. There are NO RETURNS on FFL Items.
  • If you are unsure of the items legality, ask your FFL Dealer if the item you are interested in is legal to own in your City/County/State. You can print out the Product Page (make sure the Product Details tab is selected first) and bring the page with you to your FFL. You may also simply email the dealer the direct link to the product(s) in which you are interested. Also, ensure your FFL Dealer is willing to do the transfer and inquire about their Fees.
  • We will not modify items to make them compliant for your location. Note however that, many Manufacturers offer alternative State Specific variations of the same item.
  • You, the Actual Buyer must pick up the Firearm and be able to pass a Background Check. Click here to see the ATF Background Check form and what questions you will be asked during the check. Especially Look Carefully at Section A.

Arrange for the Dealer to Dealer Transfer

  • To find a list of FFL Dealers in your area, Click Here. Federal Law Requires us to ship FFL Items (serialized items) only to FFL Dealers.
  • Your FFL will likely charge you a transfer fee, which vary from Dealer to Dealer. This transaction and associated transfer fees are strictly between you and the your dealer. The receiving FFL Dealers transfer fees are not included in any payments to Backcountry Tactical.
  • If you feel the Dealers fees are too high, shop around. There are Tens of Thousands of FFL Dealers in the United States, probably scores within a 30 mile drive. However, the FFL Dealer MUST be located in your State of Residence. If you are in a highly regulated City/County deal with a FFL in that area.
  • Have your Dealer email a copy of their signed, current FFL to us at Sales@BackcountryTactical.US along with your Name. We do not initiate contact with your dealer.

Complete your Purchase

  • You must be logged in to purchase items from our Store. You may create an account during the Checkout Process if you have already populated your cart.
  • During the Checkout Process it is recommended to complete the 'Payment Mailing Information' text field to help us determine transit time for your payment.
  • It is Highly Recommended that payment be sent with a Tracking Number. We are not responsible for payments lost in the mail.
  • We will contact you via email by noon the next business day (Mountain Time) if we foresee any potential fulfillment issues due to payment transit time.
  • See How to Order for further details if desired.

Monitor Progress & Pick Up Your Item

  • Most Completed Purchases are processed and shipped with 2-5 business days, at which point you will receive a tracking number, or numbers, for your order.
  • Note that Long Guns and Hand Guns ship using different transportation methods, due to Federal Regulations and also to keep shipping costs down.
  • The item(s) can be expected to arrive at the FFL Dealer within 2-5 days business days after we ship.
  • After the order shows as delivered, Call your FFL Dealer first before going to pick it up to confirm that the firearm has been processed and is ready to be transferred. If you purchased multiple firearms, ask your Dealer if it is less expensive to wait to perform the transfer of all items on the same day.